Black Lives Matter

  • Une vie de paix intérieure

    "Une vie de paix intérieure, harmonieuse et sans stress, est le type d'existence le plus simple" - Norman Vincent Peale


    New York, novembre 2019, modèle Amanda Brown

  • Burlesque (6)

    "Je ne pense pas que l'on puisse être trop torride lorsque l'on parle du burlesque" - Christina Aguliera

    Curly_DSCF1146BW1 (1).jpg

    Montreux, septembre 2020, modèle Curly Gumbo Lee

  • Juneteenth, 2020

    "In reference to you, colored people, let me say God has made you free. Although you have been deprived of your God-given rights by your so-called masters, you are now as free as I am, and if those that claim to be your superiors do not know that you are free, take the sword and bayonet and teach them that you are; for God created all men free, giving to each the same rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

    - Abraham Lincoln



    New York, décembre 2018